Hello Willow Glen residents:

Here is a quick update on the current short sales inventory in Willow Glen, San Jose CA.

As you know, the Willow Glen real estate market, along with many other real estate markets in San Jose and in Silicon Valley, is suffering from a severe lack of housing inventory. This trend applies to some extent to the short sales inventory.

However, for those of you looking for short sales listings in Willow Glen today, I was still able to identify 10 short sales listings, including 4 condos and townhomes.

Let us start with the map of the 6 single family homes in short sales in Willow Glen:

1  1770 MARINA WAY     ($1,275K)
2  905 PLAZA DR     ($750K)
3  1878 CRESTMONT DR     ($685K)
4  1474 DARLENE AVE     ($609K)
5  2341 LINCOLN AVE     ($565K)
6   993 PREVOST ST     ($420K)

If you are interested in making an offer on any of those properties, you should know that the price of #2 and #5 has gone down recently.

With regards to condos and townhomes, here is a map of the 4 properties currently in short sales in the Willow Glen area:

1   2127 SUNSTRUCK CT     ($375K)
2   748 NORTHRUP ST     ($260K)
3   2124 LINDSEY CT     ($385K)
4   1613 SPARKLING WAY     ($595K)

If you would like more information and/or would like to make an offer on any of these short sales listings in Willow Glen, do not hesitate to email me at sophia.delacotte@cbnorcal.com or call me (408 717 2575).

Sophia Delacotte
Your Realtor in Willow Glen
(408) 717 2575

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